Yesterday, I made vichyssoise with my mom’s recipe. It is delicious hot or cold with sour cream on top. Mike said it was the best potato soup he had tasted! It did come out good. I also made Korean chicken lettuce wraps with some changes to the recipes since we didn’t have gouchujang sauce and sesame seeds. But cooking is not the same if you can’t do those adjustments…just like the cooks and the time period you make your food.

My chicken lettuce wraps were made with Bibb lettuce leaves and a simple sauce composed of soy sauce, brown sugar, some olive oil, minced garlic and black pepper. Since my husband doesn’t like it too hot, I made adjustments but I am fine with chili peppers and kimchi which is a good side dish.

Vichyssoise-Sauté 4 leeks and I onion in 2 tbsp butter. Add 4 potatoes, 1 qt. water, salt and cook till soft. Blend in a food processer. Return to pot-add 1 pint + 1 cup hot milk. Add salt & pepper, and nutmeg. Sour cream on top.
The recipe is simple and delicious. The recipe fed the two of us with leftovers. It is often challenging to read my mom’s handwriting, so as I am translating the recipe I look at other cookbooks but this recipe was spot on! The sweet sauce from the chicken dish satiates the need for dessert and the soup fills you, so you don’t return to the kitchen for midnight food raids.