“The bear, estimated at about 6-feet tall, was first spotted by a Tampa Police officer at about 5:30 a.m. The officer was responding to an unrelated call when he saw a large animal running by. At first he wasn’t sure if it was a bear or a very large dog. He determined that it was a bear and attempted to follow it.” This was reported by WFLA in Tampa.

We heard the police helicopters above our house early this morning but we never know.  We have had escaped convicts in our area, hospital emergencies, reported alligators swimming nearby but never so close a black bear.  This morning, I went walking with my hand and leg weights for exercise about an hour going the other direction, so I missed the news crews and reporters 4 blocks down the street from us.  We face some interesting challenges in Florida.  I am usually more afraid of what is under my feet as pythons were rumored to be set free after owners could no longer afford them.  Sometimes we keep our eyes wide open at the people walking around the area.  Everyone seems to visit Florida and since we are in a very eclectic neighborhood, we keep our eyes open.

bear4This is the first time a black bear has been that close to us.

I am glad I brought the weights with me although not sure if I would have been looking up at the trees. Just a thought.