I am happy to see that I have completed many of my bucket list items. These are some things left. The garage sale is going to be at a friend’s house in November. We hope to get to the casino in July after Michael’s VA appointments. We hope it will be a reaffirmation of life.

throw down some dimes, nickels, and pennies at the slot machine at Hardrock Cafe and finish using the gift card we won
visit the beach
have a garage sale
make some powerpoint presentations for next semester
go window shopping at the new outdoor outlet
go away with Michael for a short summer vacation
maybe, buy a gourmet cupcake from a small mom and pop and smile happily…..

I no longer have any desire for cupcakes. Our new treat is a low calorie peanut butter/chocolate swirl made in a mini cupcake cup. We have visited many beaches in Florida and I suppose when the rainy season arrives, if you time it right, you can make the beach without the storms rolling in. Window shopping will be fun.

Along the way, a few new things have come up. I am teaching a new course and the syllabus is very long and detailed. I have a lot of work to do before the class. I will be teaching an onground class and online with two different syllabi. I continue to submit my fiction, non-fiction, and poetry for publication. It is wonderful to finally have the time. The other day, Mike and I stopped by the old plaza and bought some items from Pat. Many miss us at the plaza. It is an interesting crew there. Not sure I feel comfortable talking about it but if you are in the area on Busch Boulevard, you are always welcome to stop by Pat’s Detox and I am sure you will hear an earful. Also, her store is very interesting and you can eat a delicious and healthy lunch. Off to the dentist today. Enjoy your weekend.