Every summer I like to find an unknown writer and make them known to me.  The writer I chose this summer was Rob Marsh.  I first read about Rob Marsh through the Tampa Bay Times.  He grew up in England but has lived in Africa with his wife for over thirty years.  His fiction and nonfiction works sounded fascinating and so I was hooked.  I was unable to find his books at the local library, so I ordered used editions at Amazon and Abe Books.

The first book I started with was Beasts of Prey.  Although I enjoyed the crime novel, I was sometimes bored by the book because of the reference to South Africa police force routines which did not interest me.  My political knowledge of South Africa is not great, so some of the nuances of the political corners the book delved into were lost on me.  I ordered another one of his books South Africa Weird and Wonderful thinking it was a book of short stories and discovered it to be more of an educational book divided into sections which included the spirit world, scams and the underworld.  The sections are interesting and something I will probably read from time to time before bed.  He does not seem to be as popular in the United States as I have tried to find his books in every used bookstore, thrift shop, Salvation Army I wander into.

I found myself craving a known entity and so when I caroused the local flea market I pounced upon Stephen King’s novel Rose Madder which I haven’t read for $1.  It is a scary novel with a touch of the supernatural and I am hooked! But I haven’t given up on Rob Marsh partly because of my fascination with Africa and if I do find his books, I will keep on reading his writing.  Till then, cheers!