Sometimes actually often in life achieving something, getting something is a matter of rolling the dice and chance.  I guess that is why I like to collect dice, cards, as if to remind myself that we can’t control the Gods.  Sometimes I believe it is predetermined but we up the ante by positioning ourselves well and working hard to overcompensate for this lack of control.

But in the conclusion, the doctors may tell you we don’t know why some people get cancer or someone may look at someones life and wonder how with each roll of the dice against them; they ended up ok and still living.  We often have those moments when we realize that the gambles and gamuts we ran in our 20’s and 30’s that we are lucky to still be here.

We can visit a casino or we can play cards with a friend or online but the greatest challenge is the actual day to day living and where it takes us.  Today, I was writing a story in my back work area and Michael knocked on the window to tell me to come see some plants that we had planted 10 years ago.  I reluctantly got up hating to lose my train of thought but when I went out I was glad.  I knew what the side yard looked like because I had been checking on those bright yellow flowers, and I knew that the funny cactus that we bought on one of our first long trips in Florida to the everglades was blooming and sprouting under the bathroom window but my husband didn’t know.

I am one of those checkers that throws the dice and then lets it go. But I check up on it and sometimes drive myself crazy.   I trust my instincts usually 95% of the time.  Michael told me he was going to dig up those flowers and get rid of them about 5 years ago.Most likely, we got busy and he forgot.  And even though, I am more often in the side yard, I never did that because I trusted my instincts.  I knew they would grow and they did.  Maybe that is the best we can do with life; we throw the dice, we lay down our cards, and then we continue with our daily life.  Sometimes we get lucky.