Well, today after my appointment with the dietitian at the VA, it was back to writing. I learned that I lost 4 lbs and qualify to be part of a 16 week exercise/nutrition discussion group which should help with weight loss. Losing weight and changing habits it seems is a process and she assured me that the process will kick in if I am diligent after 10 weeks which reminds me of the writing process. It is also an exhausting process of receiving rejection letters, trying to research and decide where to submit my short stories, etc. Sometimes I feel like I am playing roulette because it is a matter of opportunity meeting timing and resulting in a published article.

Some publications accept only Canadian writers; others want unpublished work and that includes blogs. I downloaded information on proper manuscript format in case this matters and I have a feeling it does! I google the information on being published and then find myself fine tuning and rereading the same information, sometimes saving to favorites. It ain’t easy and I guess they say it ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

Today, I splurged and treated myself to a piece of the German chocolate cake. It was delicious and my paper-thin dietitian told me treat yourself. You have a long life ahead of you. I have a feeling my summer dog days will prove easier then the next school semester in August. I am very grateful to have this time. Since March 2012, my husband and I were running our store Cupcake Cache baking, cleaning, selling cupcakes….time is a luxury since we closed in December 2015.  I am making good use of the extra time during the summer.

I need to have more direction but sometimes with writing, you go with the flow and then you revise, reread, and re-edit until it is ready. Instead of a chalk board reading what is available today such as peach panache, night howl, last mango in Paris, seedless watermelon, linus’s temptation.…my short story board reads likes this: journal from Korea; ex-boyfriend leaves you on bridge; growing up in a small town in the Catskill Mountains and et. al. You get the idea….instead of erasing them as they disappear from the refrigerator; I am erasing the chalk board as I finish writing them and saving them to the flash drive. Any suggestions from readers are duly noted and appreciated! Thank you.