Tropical Storm Colin bypassed us landing elsewhere but not before dumping lots of water and taking down some branches around our house. The rain is supposed to continue until Thursday. With the sound of the rain pattering outside this morning and nowhere to go, we both slept beautifully.

Michael hadn’t been sleeping so well and one of his dreams was of the cancer returning. I felt him tossing and turning next to me and he left the bed very early in the morning. The pug followed and I fell back asleep. When I awoke at 7:00 a.m, he was already dressed and ready to go do some chores before the storm arrived. Country music was playing and I immediately asked him, “What’s wrong?” He laughed, and said, “Call the doctor. I took a shower at 4:30, was ready at 5:30 and am listening to country music. I definitely need to see a doctor.” We laughed. It is good to know his sense of humor is still intact. If you glance at his extensive music collection of which I don’t always listen to, you will note “Cheap Trick”, “Pearl Jam”, “Molly Hatchet”, etc. My side reads the opposite: a mixture of Tchaikovsky, Yo-Yo Ma, Gloria Estevan, Cold Play, and one of my favorite singers, Amy Winehouse tucked next to Barry Manilow. It is very eclectic and all over the board. As my husband and I have gotten older, his taste in music has mellowed and we are usually able to agree on the radio channel in the car.

You understand that you have become a Floridian when during the storm warnings, you are listening but you are also thinking of your next vacation and where to go. You also know you have lived in Florida for awhile when you know the location of Bagdad, Florida. Yes, that is a place! When I first moved here, preparing for storms was exciting and even more so, when I was dating Michael. We would go shopping at Publix stocking up on water, canned goods, etc. and sometimes you would see people preparing for “I survived the storm parties.” There was a solidarity in the air as you positioned yourself in the store for the water, and the last cans of tuna, etc. Then you become accustomed to the storm and the storm watches. We are not in a flooding area, so we don’t worry about that but somewhere along the way, you became a true Floridian and accepted it all as a game. This storm is named “Colin.” Let’s see: what will the next one be named? And somewhere in the world, someone is taking bets on it. And then, you say “thanks” in your prayers for getting through the storm safely because you know another one is forming somewhere.