Michael has many operations coming up in July to see if the cancer is still in remission. It is not like we are living on pins and needles…we continue with our lives and I continue with my summer break. A relative of Michael’s wanted to visit and he told her “maybe next summer when we hear back that everything is ok because this summer is the one year following the removal of many tumors.” She was disappointed and I was very relieved because I want my husband to myself for a change. He is not in the store catering to the customer’s needs and he is still getting stronger and I don’t want anyone to disturb the equilibrium that our life is currently on.

There is still plenty for me to work with with my courses for the fall and my writing. Also, we have some time to work on the house, so there is plenty to do and for now, it is a peaceful time. But I am familiar with waves and hurricanes that arrive unannounced and I understand that life can change in a moment’s notice, so until then I am grateful for the equilibrium and the even keel that our life revolves around.

I figure there will be time for discord soon enough but we are praying for the best.