Bon Secour 001Bon Secour means “Safe Harbor.” I am reviewing some of the pieces that I wrote during my stay in the deep South along with some pictures.  This is what I found:

Sitting in Bon Secour:  the fisherman’s church:all the food in piles;  returning for seconds, being witness to confirmation, and all the fishermen dressed up for church in their Sunday best;  cars arriving on the desolate dirt road packing in line ants;  three different types of potato salad, 10-15 desserts, 2 types of homemade soup; the quartet of singers; 4 in a group chirping; a church started by one man out of an original idea for the shrimpers and to provide support to the fishermen.  Cat on a hot tin roof is my statement about the church and referred to the congregation, when one proceeds ready to ponce eager to enjoy and articulate the warm South hospitality.

Sometimes these snippets keep my writing going. This is my father’s photograph of one of the ships we saw often outside the shotgun shack my father owned and let me live there.  It was a wonderful setting.