Well today is memorial day and I finally took the plunge.  We worked in the garden this morning and spoke with our neighbors, took the pug for a long walk, and when we finished all these things…I was smelling the delicious barbecue from our neighbor who is from the Islands.  It had a smoky smell that you could wrap your senses around like that sunflower standing straight up in the garden following the sun.  I felt motivated!

We came in to the cool air conditioned house and I found three of my poems that I wrote recently.  I wrote my introduction letter, jazzed up a short bio, and listened to the advice Michael gave me, “just do it.  Don’t overthink it.” So, I didn’t.  I found two literary magazines on facebook which I send my poetry to in a pdf file and I let it go.

I feel pretty good about it.  This was on my list for the summer and it is only just beginning.  I have several nonfiction creative pieces to submit based on my time in France, the Middle East, and growing up in New York.  I wrote according to my formula: it should be about 1500-2000 words, and once I have 7 short nonfiction pieces, then I will submit two of them.  This gives me a guideline but sometime for the sake of brevity and get it done; I like my husband’s rules because he takes the plunge instead of throwing out the line timidly.  Sometimes it is best to throw that arm and shoulder back with the head hold high and your eyes noticing the current but moving ahead.