Mother’s day is the day that my mom and my father-in-law passed away…it was not the same year but it happened to be this day. I am not a mom but a stepmom of two children from my husband’s first marriage. I spent very little time with them and we do communicate. I entered their life when they were teenagers, so my husband was allowed to have them during the summers. I think we spent two summers(1 week together). It was a sticky situation but my husband and his son are best of friends. And I have become friends also with both. Both are independent and successful. I became a grandmother in my early 40s. My mom was my best friend. My brothers and I all turned out fine with a few skirmishes along the way.

This is the greatest tribute a mother can have: that her children become responsible adults. Today, I didn’t grieve our losses for a change. Both of us have moved on; my husband, much more quickly than me. I gave myself a present by throwing away some of the manuscript that I was writing. I realized that I wrote it during our last months in Cupcake Cache when I was very frustrated and hated being there. The challenges of keeping the business afloat in a bad area, the actions or non action of non caring of the surrounding store keepers made me depressed along with the worry of my husband’s diagnosis of cancer.

So this morning, Mike and I trimmed our huge oaks trees outside. Or rather, he sawed the branches and I held them anxiously anticipating falling but my worst fear didn’t happen. Then, I found an old card of one of our tree trimmers from 5 years ago and they came to give an estimate. They are returning and the oak trees will be trimmed. This is a gift: that we are finally able to physically take care of things which we lost during our days at the store. So many small things are being finished and projects are being completed. So, I faced the manuscript with honesty and I realized that I could do much better and that more importantly, I have the time this summer. Happy mother’s day. Two of my grandchildren just texted “Happy mother’s day to Eve! She is my stepmom and I wish her the best day ever!” Kristie, my step daughter told me she was having a trying day with them. Weren’t we all mean to our moms at some time? And then many of us became moms. Hmm.