I have to say that sometimes the morning after one of those unbelievable days is like rising from the Titanic.  That is what woke me up early this morning eager to begin the day.  Mike arranged for the garage door to be fixed and our air conditioner is now working well.  We shall hear about the sinkhole in two weeks and that too, will be dealt with. Today, I will finish putting my grades in and life will continue.

I am glad that my husband is fast on the trigger and gets things done.  He has encouraged me to do the same, so I have learned to read information more quickly and make decisions, right or wrong and move on.  Probably his background as an intel analyst enabled him to do this and living with him for so long, I have absorbed this trait also.  And for that, I am grateful for it moves me forward. Decisions which I once couldn’t make have become more fluid.

Today is another day and I know it will be better.