We have had a few warning signs posted about the pond near our home: beware of alligators. There were three of these signs: near the pond, near the forest, and near the park. The last time I was walking with our pug, I came across a filming of an Indie Movie which featured lots of candles set out on a table and two young adults brandishing sabor like knives. You can imagine that halted our walk as I emerged with the pug from the walkway to see the actors and the camera pointed at us. This happened about two months ago. Evidently, the couple thought it was a great idea and decided to film their movie there about spirits. In Florida, we get used to all sorts of things, so I just casually stepped off the promenade with Iago and said, “Lets go. Time to be home.” The young lady in her early 20s giggled and told me, “We are filming a movie.” I advised her not to be there during dusk as one isn’t too sure who will be there then. She replied, “We know. We will be long gone by then.”

So, the next thing is alligators. One of our neighbors was telling my husband the other day that there are alligators in the drain systems and sometimes if you stand over them, you can hear them wailing during the mating system. So, we went to youtube and brought up a video of one wailing. Just so we know if we have heard one. Anything is possible. I think I would feel more scared if I ran into a python sulking along or sunning itself. You would hear my scream from Tampa to Orlando. We also found out that it is possible to run away from an alligator on land. Good to know.

The other day in class, we discussed fears people have in relation to the article from the textbook. One of the Saudi’s mentioned fear of spirits. The Chinese student agreed and shared some folklore. Sometimes I wonder if they know of all the alligators, pythons, etc. released in the Florida wilds and how often they have slithered on to the urban playground. And then, I realize that I am a person more frightened by the realities in front of me than by the spirits behind me. But then again, there is some strength in what you can see as opposed to what you don’t know approaching.