The other day, I wrote about how busy I was.  I was called in to be the firewoman for the last 6 weeks of the semester to finish for an instructor who suddenly left.  Yesterday, I was called in to the front office because the Academic Adviser was upset when the students claimed I was giving them too much homework.

All I knew was that I had been doing my best to learn the new technology system and how best to teach them grammar, composition, and reading for students whose first language was not English.  I thought I was doing well as some of the students told me they were happy to have me there.  Until this meeting reared its head.  I have never been called in by a University because of the Academic adviser, so I acknowledged some of my technological difficulties with the new system and the challenge of being thrust in with little to no guidance.  I was not assigned a mentor (since I entered so late) who was familiar with my classes.  Inwardly, I was pissed that they chose to listen to a handful of students about the work load when I knew I was working very hard to be fair.

So, I came home and did what I always do when placed in unknown territory.  I reviewed her syllabus (the adjunct who left), reviewed my new information from the computer techie at the University, corrected papers according to the rubric, and moved on.  Mike and I attended the new market this morning and then we went to buy some plants for our garden.  I didn’t want to leave my desk.  As is my nature, I wanted to sit there ruminating until I knew that I could finish my semester successfully.  The end of the semester is in two weeks.  I would love to be asked back because the job is in my field of interest:  teaching English to Speakers of other languages and I feel that given time and some direction, I will rock.  But it appears I may not have the say in whether they bring me back for the fall.  So, I am glad that I left with my husband this morning to plant those flowers.  All we can do is lay roots for our garden and then we move on.