I stay busy as an adjunct at two universities so I don’t have time to miss baking cupcakes.  Today rain is pouring outside and it feels great to settle in and relax.  Or rather I relaxed after finishing some grading for a testing company online.  I don’t miss the store.  The other day we went by and I noticed a seedy looking crew in the parking lot.  We moved on and it was nice we were safe in our car.  I don’t miss those times of being alone and watching the activity in the parking area.  I think our landlord has his work cut out for him.

Life is continuing at an even pace.  I am happy to return to the University where I graduated from with my Masters.  I am happy not to be an intern in the Department.  I remember well those stressful times balancing work and academic schedule.  For the next couple of months, I may return to writing about my days in South Korea as an instructor.  I have been reading through some of my journals from then and from my days in the deep South. The other day one of my students thought I was stating that I would enjoy returning to the past because I would make the most of my time but in effect I was stating that our future is full of uncertainty.  I wonder how our country and each situation will change a decade from now.  We are all praying for the best.

If you are still with me, reading this, thanks for following me on my journey.  If not, life continues.  I don’t always offer pictures or food reviews, but I do offer my honesty about my life.  And sometimes, I look forward to reading about your life.  Till we meet again.