I didn’t realize until we closed that the simplest things can make me happy.

They include buying new wine glasses at Ikea.

Having the time to browse.  Visiting a business in the same plaza and realizing that you are not there to wait for the customers to show.  You can leave before closing time.

Taking the pug for two walks a day just because you have the energy and the time.

Trying a new recipe such as sausage and sauerkraut pie because you have the time and the desire to try something new.

Taking time with lesson plans to make them as creative as possible.  Having the time to reread MLA just in case you get those crazy questions about in-text citations you don’t know.

Perusing a bookstore or finding a great bargain at the thrift shop.

Watching every episode of “Law and Order” because of the one actor you like and you have the time.

Organizing your desk, rewriting your address book because you have the time.

Thinking about planting flowers for spring.

Having the time to see my stepson and his wife off on a much needed vacation.

And last but the most important, watching our health and noticing that for now, we are ok.