Have you ever thought of how easy it is to complete things in theory? For example, most instructors know that when you are doing your lesson planning everything is perfect.  You may be at your best with a virtual class.  First hour planned, second, right on through with brilliant thoughts, interaction, collaboration, whew….if it were only this easy.

In theory, teaching ESL sounds easy as does baking and selling cupcakes.  It is those moments when theory becomes practice as you review appositives, clauses, nonessential elements, primary and secondary sources that you begin to realize there is more to this than meets the eye.  Same as with baking, planning, merchandising cupcakes for a small business.  I don’t do the profit and loss statements; my husband does.  Whew! Or rather, he did as he did the accounting and the taxes for our business.  Again, virtual reality tells me that there should always be profits with baking and selling cupcakes especially if they are delicious.  Hmm.  Since I majored in English, master in linguistics then it follows that teaching English and ESOL should be a walk in the park.

The devil resides in the details:  some of the students will make it challenging as you leave your comfort range to meet their needs.  Explaining grammar is difficult and sometimes boring, to say the least.  Doing the books and balancing can be disheartening for any small business.  After Michael returned from his stay in the hospital, we cut back on our hours and our profit dropped more than half.  Whew.  The devil is in the details and all we can do is create our plan, pray for the best, and sometimes we come in on the finish line with our pants down and a crazy grin on our faces happy to complete the task.