An article from Feb. 2012:

The City of Temple Terrace, Florida, approved a 14,000 sq. ft. performing arts center with space for studios and classrooms as part of the city’s downtown development, reports the Tampa Bay Business Journal. The suburban municipality near Tampa has never had a mixed use, walkable center, but Torti Gallas and Partners designed one in 2004 — partly on former shopping center land.
Vlass Temple Terrace LLC, which is building the mixed use downtown development, will pay for most of the $2.48 million arts center, notes the Business Journal. “Temple Terrace city officials will kick in $540,000 to construct three studios, and also will be responsible for purchasing furniture, fixtures and equipment at an estimated cost of (This is our neighborhood)..Masque will be located in it.

I am not sure what happened. It is kind of like what happened to our business with parking. The other weekend, we rode by and all the spaces were taken. Inhabiting our former Cupcake Cache space is a store which gives you money for unused gift cards and next door is a Magician’s Store. I wish them well.

I just discovered that Cupcake Cache was mentioned in 12 blogs over the past 4 years we were open. Thank you. I didn’t know we had that kind of impact. The ending was difficult. I mostly remembered the day my husband went into the hospital and one very ugly review which screamed at me. Both happened the same day. I later found out this reviewer’s family member owned a local tea store. Business can get ugly and competitive. I screamed at myself that day and our situation when I burned two batches of cupcakes. She didn’t understand who I was screaming at…only me just as I stood up for our business with parking issues and other issues. Mea Culpa…life continues as do we. Something else is intended for us but thank you all for the delicious support I reviewed the other day. I never knew! Michael is doing better as I hope Temple Terrace will continue to develop so, we have that little bookstore, and the walkable city we need.