I just finished reading Go Set a Watchman (Harper Lee).  I liked the book, the plot, the dialogue, the odd Southern eccentric characters, and the ending.  The description was wonderful and if you have ever lived in Alabama;  you know those characters exist.

After I read it, then I read some of the “ugly” reviews which said that the novel should not have been published.  Harper Lee was a brilliant writer attuned to tell the tale of her time.  I find it a shame that there are people who will not accept the truth nor will they read a piece of fiction without strong criticism.

These are the same people that I don’t want to invite to come to a tea party with me because they might not like what I have to say.  If they enjoy the tea and the petite fours, that is all good but I may have some observations on my mind they don’t want to hear.

Oh, well.  The book is a gem; perhaps some of the book critics are more astute than I and may be correct that the writing is not as defined as To Kill a Mockingbird.  With that being said, and when I remember all the wonderful quotes by Harper Lee;  she is a teacher for us and we should listen and learn from her as she can teach us well.

“Atticus told me to delete the adjectives and I’d have the facts.”Harper Lee,

To Kill A Mockingbird