The other day, Mike was looking thorough one of my guidebooks from the Middle East:  Al Gharbia visitor’s guide.  I was curious to know what he thought as this was one of the places which I had not visited.  The pictures of the sand dunes, the falconry, and some of the beautiful hotels intrigued me.  My husband is to the point:  he said that he thought that the writer did a very good job considering there was only so much to write about.  I had to agree with him that after a week in the desert that might be enough for me, also.

Some of my teacher acquaintances who I have lost touch with were send there by ADEC.  Some of them were lucky enough to be housed at Tilal Liwa Hotel short term but not all. There were the following groups who ended up in some strange situations.  There were a couple of my facebook friends who left in the middle of the night discouraged or thrown by something that happened in the classroom or by the situation.   Three of my facebook friends, experienced teachers,  left suddenly.  I also heard that there were some tight groups created by living in a situation that resembled the outback.

As I toiled on in the city of Abu Dhabi, my experience was lonely at times.  I could say that after teaching all day, one does have enough of shopping, visiting the malls, and of course, the fabulous grocery stores.  If you like to cook, you can be entertained for hours but even that gets stale.  On my own, I cooked several times for a British lady staying at the same residence as me.  She was training young policewomen on procedures for the department.  My only regret while I was in the hotel was one of the other ladies (British) invited me to a party when she moved out of the residence.  I always wished that I went but after my workday, I was so tired.  Her job was working at the mortuary:  she was training the Emiratis’ about the process of embalming.  Every morning, as I watched for my roller coaster ride forty minutes to the school with a packed car of young teachers talking about partying the night before; I watched her and another man get into a sleek black limousine and drive off usually not saying much to one another.

In retrospect, I think often of the tales for my stories if I attended this party.  Such is regret.