The other day, I went to the University where I am an adjunct and went into my office since I had some extra time. I was happy to see that someone had left the desk that I sat at with the same exact settings. Well, at least to my mind. There was the card from Cupcake Cache leaning against the bookcase. There were some of my student’s drawings from the exercise we did with the librarian and my old office hours were outside, and a Christmas card from Gianna, a full time English Instructor.

In a world in which I expect the carpet to change every 30 minutes or so, I was reassured to see this. Sometimes it is the old conformity that we need in times of change and inner turmoil. I don’t mind and fully expect my situation may change every 5 years as I pursue a new direction, sometimes by choice and sometimes unexpectedly. And it keeps me from getting stale. This is my style as an instructor. Each class is individual and my direction isn’t fully determined when I enter. I need to keep them on my toes just as they keep me guessing.

This time is pleasant but I know not to let my guard down. Things can change instantly. I am not on the campus weekday, only weekends and teaching online. But that may change and as I am reminded by Louis Armstrong’s song: They can’t take that away from me.
This moment rocks!