The weather has been so beautiful outside but for many of us in Florida, it began with a chill in the air.  The high today is 64 degrees.  Since our car is not doing so well, I took out my bike today and did some chores.  I am lucky enough that the stores, bank, library, Radio Shack are in a direct line or maybe a circular line so, I got in exercise and I came home with groceries, chores finished, and some good books.  What more can one ask for?

I remember in college a friend of mine saying “It takes so little to make you happy.” I am not sure about that but that friend brings back some funny memories. The truth is going to school on a full academic scholarship sometimes left me broke and sometimes flush with money.  I remember creative ways that I made money including selling my uncle Joe’s beautiful and elegant silk ties which he gave to my dad.  My dad had no need for them in his job and I inherited them so, I took them to the student union and before I knew it, I had $50 in my pocket and a big smile on my face.  Oh, that, and a new best male friend from the GSU.  He and his friend were ecstatic with buying my ties and invited me to a huge party on Fire Island.

Wonderbar! Sometimes creativity and being broke work out in ways one never expects!