So, I wanted to write today about taking responsibility for what you wish for or even speaking aloud your wishes. After I returned from teaching in the Middle East, I mentioned to my husband that I was thinking of baking cupcakes and selling them. This was an idea as an alternative to teaching in the school district because I was having some difficulty finding a job which I thought would be perfect for me. Before I knew it, my husband was helping me test my ideas with our community church inspired by the idea of working for himself. At that time, he was working for TRowe Price in a very stressful job and he had already had a heart attack. We were both worried about his health. To us it seemed working for yourself would be less stressful.

So, I happened to be going by a local plaza and noticed an empty store. Right at that moment as it turned out the current leasing agents were there and the bakery was vacating the premises which meant that we could have a brick and mortar location instead of the delivery option we were attempting. That didn’t seem to be working as well as I went to various markets trying to get them to display our cupcakes. It wasn’t working as easily as planned. Some businesses said “no” and others wanted me to sell at the lowest price, so they could mark our product up and then sell at a higher profit. It was stressful and it wasn’t working. So, we found a location we could afford and we went from there. That was in March 2012. Let me tell you: I am now more reticent to share my creative ideas with my husband. Probably because I am more cognizant of the hard work it takes maneuvering from dream to reality.

You see, I have an idea about a book mobile that would tour and pick up books of antiquity and a variety of books to be resold. It would be a travelling bookmobile and it would also have a little corner to sell some homemade goodies and fresh coffee. Hmm…it might even travel through the poorer regions of the Appalachian Mountains encouraging the more impoverished regions to read more. Some books might be given away! Well, I think that I just might hold on to that idea and wait awhile before mentioning it to anyone. Oh, and I might want to win the next lottery and donate a portion of the monies to this dream. Then, I could take off with some like minded friends touring the Appalachians and the United States. Sounds like a plan! Until then, I will keep it to myself.