I have been enjoying reading some internet stories about Donald Trump.  The story that most interested me recently was the inquiry into his church life.  It interested me because years ago in my 20s, my church was Marble Collegiate and I remember Donald Trump was reputed to be a member of the congregation.

Those were heady times….20s…..there was a group of us who used to meet after Church and have lunch together.  We were an eclectic group mostly struggling to make connections and keep our jobs.  The Marble Church offered very positive sermons and a chance to connect with some interesting influential people.  I remember clearly the small group that I knew ….an attorney, an apartment manager, a fashion designer, some computer Geek, a few writers and artists thrown in…and there was me.  I was working with Buyers and holding on to my meagerly paid but interesting job.  We had a game:  did you see Trump today and who was he with? At that time, he was dating Marla Maples, who I believe was in her late 20s.  It was a game to us because often we couldn’t find him.  Sometimes we did see them but I rarely saw them.  I can still recall checking out the people in the congregation.  So it came as little surprise that some were calling him out on his membership and wondering when was the last time he attended.

It brought a smile to my face.  Those were good times.  Most of us existed on very little in the way of money to have the opportunity to live and work in Manhattan.  To this day, I am not sure how I lasted almost four years on my own but like Aldo, I know that those positive sermons did affect me a little. Years later, when I was in Alabama, I wrote to Arthur Calliandro about Alabama and suggested that he have some kind of retreat.  He replied to me, “At this time, it is not possible but I am glad you are enjoying a piece of God’s country.”  Nice words to revisit but what brings more a smile to my face is remembering our search each Sunday of the church goers for Trump.