I haven’t written in the blog for awhile because I haven’t figured it all out yet.  I usually have some kind of direction but with Michael’s illness, I feel directionless.  It is like I am a floating jellyfish making tentative plans and at times letting go of some plans.

We sold all the items in our store and also took care of some things in our home which has needed some mending as for the past four years, we have been so busy at the store.  I will be teaching online so, I have been putting together some powerpoints, learning prezi, and getting ready for the new semester.

Michael’s energy level is still strong but after 20 minutes, he is very tired.  He feels worried that the doctors are not telling him everything.  Maybe his appointments in January will shed more light and allow us to feel more comfortable with the situation. I am very grateful that the store is closed and we are able to keep our energy centered.  The store took a lot of energy and constant effort which even if you are very  healthy can be exhausting.  I have no urge to bake cupcakes.  At one time, I thought of going to the markets with vegetable cupcakes (carrot, beet, squash) but the urge disappeared quickly.  However I am enjoying having the time and energy to make us some good dinners.

After I finish my classwork for the semester, I am going to continue writing my book which I started last year. Ironically, I started writing the book during slow times in the store and in between customers.  I have a schedule in mind and a plot in mind and even the name of a publishing house who I think may be interested in the book.  I am used to being busier with two jobs so I figure that the writing of the book will keep me focused, and my mind off worrying about Michael.  Truth be told, he also has some small house projects he can work on.  He becomes very tired quickly and it is frustrating for him and sometimes for me.  We both need to have lots of patience as the New Year continues.