A new year is coming which gives us the chance to take new risks and make new mistakes. The good part is the mistakes of the old year are erased and if we are wiser, we have learned from them and will not repeat them. I am looking forward to the New Year.

I have many small resolutions that I will accomplish and then some completely vague ideas about changing a personality quirk or being more outgoing in some situations. I don’t want to divulge them because that may jinx my luck for the next year.

Mike and I had the opportunity to spend Christmas dinner with my nephew, Sam and his wife. Lots of family from his mother’s side came. It was nice and made me miss my immediate family… most specifically, my brother James who I hope to see again one day. Wishes are like caterpillars which move slowly unless we edge them on. Sometimes resolutions are difficult to accomplish without some divine intervention.

Best wishes to all for the New Year.