We haven’t had as much success as we had hoped for with our “gofundme” account. Ironically, the first person to pledge money to our store was a woman from my hometown who I hadn’t seen in over 2 decades. Her mom owned the “Bivouac” store in our town which catered to military memorabilia. It was a rarity at the time and I remember her mom, a single lady, raising children and the business. My mom, also a business owner, was very kind and giving to the family. It wasn’t at that time or in that place easy to be different or to be perceived as different. We were different in our small mostly German village: outsiders from the city of Manhattan. We fit in because of my mom’s strengths as a mediator. She had lived in so many places during the Depression that she was a whiz at getting along with everyone. I just watched her and smiled trying to emulate her style.

Anyway, I could rail on and wish people would fund us more and stop by to see how my husband and I are doing but Tampa isn’t a small village and that kind of nostalgia or loyalty is hard to find nowadays. Looking back, I realize that my father was right about many things in our economy that would happen. He was a very bright man and a member of MENSA. He didn’t finish college at Pratt Institute where he began as a architect but he never stopped reading or learning. My mom had 2 years of college at NYU for retail management so she had more education but her speciality was her ability to perceive and to be uncannily accurate about people 98% of the time. I remember my parents arguing about one of my dad’s business proposition and my mom’s perception of the person he wanted to partner with. It turned out she was correct. Nostalgia is my best friend during the holidays.

So, we have donated to some great causes with our store including medical emergencies, fraternities, hospitals, etc. Our situation isn’t a medical emergency but it would be wonderful if we could expand our inventory and offering by being able to afford a larger refrigerated case and then maybe selling some cakes and sandwich offering from a vendor we have in mind. Maybe even a place for good coffee, a special brew. We realize that we have beaten the odds by staying open for 4 years as we have watched other cupcakeries around us close. Our costs were low, and we relied on each other but we do believe that with the funds we could have done more. It would also give us a break with some help and maybe additional hours open. My husband’s energy level is still very low and we wait for further medical conclusions. But we are grateful that we had a good run! I have learned much about the Tampa area…no, we are not in a small town but everything boomrangs back to you in life so for those who supported us during my husband’s illness, thank you… Until then. We will both be in the store today as I am off for the holidays and we welcome visitors and to those who see this post, we offer a special of $2 a cupcake. Thank you.