It seems I lost some of facebook friends from overseas when one of my comments included “Why don’t the wealthier Middle Eastern countries help the refugees?” Posts which followed included “If you have any more opinions, please put them on your page.” So, I let the friend go.

I found it difficult as she was one of the friends I liked to talk with when I was on my own teaching in the Middle East.  Then I realized much of our friendship had been mostly one dimensional with the effort being accomplished from my end.  I was the one she called to take care of her dog when she went away with her cliques of which I was not one.

She didn’t realize that I am extremely patriotic:  from being in the USN to going through the entire process for the Peace Corps before accepting another offer to teach in South Korea and preparing and taking a 6 hour exam for the position of Foreign Service Officer.

Dropping a friend on facebook is initially difficult.  I struggled between wanting to keep up with her life and her choices and in the end, I made my decision that our paths were different and her postings brought me some angst which I didn’t need.  That is how I learned that facebook”ing” has become an active verb.