Yesterday, I found some old poems written years ago when I was studying French at the Sorbonne.

Paris is wearing a face today

A face of Dior

What face will they wear tomorrow?

The poem is written so simply and I have some idea of what was running through my mind so many years ago.  Those days seem like a luxury now…sipping coffee, attending classes at the Sorbonne, speaking French, trading ideas with people from other places, and reveling in the beauty of Paris.

It is unusual I kept this poem for so many years.  Reflecting upon that time, I have no idea what exactly I was thinking which leads me to reflect upon something  I shared with a freshman comp class which goes something like this: they will make so many little decisions that will add up to their future one day and to choose wisely.  They smile and I know what they may think.  The future seems so far but the truth is it is nearer than they think.  Maybe it is cooler to be the wiser older sister but nowadays, I feel more like the parent.

We wait to see what France will do.  Which face they wear?