I was sitting at home correcting papers, tests, etc and my husband had a family drop in from South Tampa.  The wife send us a note on face book that she was praying for my husband’s health as she understood our situation with my husband’s diagnosis of cancer.  It was a very thoughtful thing to do.  I wished that I could have met them but they will be ordering for a large party in the future.  It is wonderful when people do such a simple yet thoughtful gesture for a small business.  In a way, good customers are like family members.  Sometimes you hope that you can share hardships and feel compassion or sympathy and not be ridiculed.  We all have our bad days and our good days.  Let me tell you that when my husband was in the VA Hospital this summer and I was without a car, alone in the store baking, decorating, etc….I needed some compassion and some good listeners.  I will confide there was a day or more than one day when I burned the same batch of cupcakes twice because so much was going on in my mind.  I had a lot to do and figuring out a way to get home was one of them because our car was not working or it worked some days but wouldn’t start other days.  So sometimes I prayed and sometimes I had wonderful customers who might have guessed with some intuition and insight that my anxiety was apparent and chalked it up to a tough day.  Some I confided in and some I wish I had not confided in because they were not sympathetic.  Again, I read my former post about how there are more honest and more compassionate people out there than those looking for the bad or for what is not there.  And for those, we give thanks! Meanwhile, don’t forget Halloween, and make your order soon.  Keep the grotesque, the gruesome to fun and a holiday at the best.