I have discovered some unexpected kindness from some of the people I work with at Saint Leo.  I wasn’t aware that anyone was aware of how challenging times have been for me since July with Mike’s diagnosis of cancer.  So far it seems as if he is ok but he is still very tired and continues with his appointments at the VA.  I think I suspected something was very wrong this summer and even before that as there were some indicators.  We recognize however that it was caught in time and everything may be fine.  I have experienced a variety of moods from feeling mild hysteria, irritation over details, and finally, a feeling of letting go what I cannot control which in the end may be healthier for myself and for those around me.

We recognize that there simply isn’t enough time to do everything and we cut back on our hours so we close at 4 p.m. which is an immense relief.  I am very sorry if my anxiety reached out unexpectedly to anyone this past summer, but I ask you to consider our circumstances.  Without any family in the immediate area and a limited number of friends, there was much for me to handle.  I recognize that with each problem comes new realizations and intuitions.  Things should improve with time.  I am grateful that this was caught in time. We take each day as it comes and will keep you informed if there are any more changes. Thank you.