We have been very busy the last few weeks with many new customers.  My husband is on his way to getting better.  They found 26 cancerous tumors to remove.  It all happened so quickly….his going into the hospital, the car breaking down, and the heavy rains…running the store by myself …it was a lot to handle all  at once.  At the time, we didn’t realize how serious it was and thought it was just routine.  After they removed part of his small intestine and have him returning for further follow up visits, we realize how serious it is.  I am so grateful to the VA team who told my husband, “You are very lucky to have someone in your corner who spoke up.” When there was no way for me to get Michael home, I raised a fuss over the phone.  I was actually worried that the team thought I was suffering from high anxiety and might want me checked! Instead, I was complimented for my concern and one of the Doctors in charge who knows us both very well told Michael that she wished more family members of veterans expressed such concern.

I feel that someone was looking out for us and that the cancerous nodules were discovered early.  They were found in such an unusual place that Michael is now part of a new study for the VA.  Things at the store will never return to normal completely.  I had to take more responsibility and I worry about Michael’s health.  We have a big wedding we are preparing for and some other events.  I return to adjunct 3 days a week, so we shall take it as it comes.  We may adjust our hours.  We shall see.  Meanwhile, thanks to everyone who stood by us and to all the wonderful new customers including our very faithful customer from  Moffitt Cancer Center who regularly buys dozens of our cupcakes and has introduced them to many new customers.