We never know how our day will go.  We have been selling out of cupcakes quite often lately and then on other days, we sell very little.  It is at times impossible to plan.  The other day, we had a customer who ordered 12 different types 12 hours ahead.  It was a difficult order to receive so late but my husband ended up telling the customer that we had all but 3 in stock.  This customer was delighted….she drove past some other cupcake places to get to our store.  We have an order on Friday coming in from a customer in South Tampa.  I am very glad Michael and I are together in the store again.  I am also getting ready to return to my local university as an adjunct (English) so I have been busy with my prepping and trying more to go with the flow.  It seems that is the mantra that I must follow and one that is not always easy to do so.

We really appreciate the quirks of a small business life.  This morning prior to opening, a couple visited us who owned a deli in West Palm Beach.  They were here to help their daughter get settled in at USF.  We shared some stories of owning a small business.  Mike also talked about the stresses of working in finance as the owner’s wife worked in finance also.  They left with 4 of our cupcakes and promises from us to visit them in West Palm Beach.  My mouth is watering when I read the menu of pastrami on rye, deli pickles.  The owner was born and raised in Manhattan.  I could just smell the delicious aroma if I walked in the deli and I might not be surprised if I saw those original Greek (blue and white) coffee cups with New York brew.  (strong coffee, I am talking).  After they left, we ate lunch! I had made a very good meatloaf with a surprise ingredient of mincemeat.

So, our costs may be lower because it is just the 2 of us and we are in a lower rent area but sometimes we are very busy and sometimes slow.  Sometimes we have time to speak with you about your order and sometimes we wish we had more time.  I felt relieved as this owner was telling us about lines forming out the door and how anxious he became.  I smiled as I feel the same way.  Of course, much of life is about what you can’t see going on behind the scenes…the history of an area, the plans or orders for the day, the supplies you need to buy, or even if there are cupcakes baking in the oven.  As a concept, a small deli or bakery sounds easy and feasible until you plunge in.  When you can walk in another’s footstep’s , then you can judge them but until then, hmmm…that is all I am saying this time.  Enjoy your day!