In the past week, Michael left for a serious operation at the VA Hospital.  The moment he left, the car went dead.  A mobile mechanic had fixed our car, so we thought it was all good but it wasn’t.  Last week, the weather was moonsoon oriented…chance of rain and more rain.  With no choice beside walking or biking (about a mile), I took my chances on the bike.  Since our store area is only 700 square feet, I had to find a place for the bike to stay in the kitchen area after I finished the baking and decorating for the day.  Mostly, I was afraid of being hit by the lightning but I wasn’t…I timed it carefully.  The car chose to quit my very first day alone in the store…the end of a long day.It was akin to a case of deja vu, I wanted to believe in my mind it would start and I visualized it but it didn’t work.   I called the mobile mechanic(first one) and he stated “You need to take a taxi.  You have the wrong part.” I was upset because I believed he would come out to fix it.  So, I gulped and told him, “Next life, I will be a mechanic.” To which he replied, “Umm….ok.  Whatever.” I went back out and it started.  Thus began my week.

During this week, I have learned more than I ever wanted to about bypass (car), starter, newrockies,  and finding mechanics (mobile).  Michael found our all star when he returned from the hospital.  The VA helped him get home.  And as for me, I think of the movie “My Cousin Vinny” and suddenly my favorite actress, Marisa Tomei seems like my newest heroine.  After all, she knew how to fix a car and she certainly knew how to point out the culprit when put on the stand.  Ah, my kind of heroine.  Oh, and if anyone needs the name of a wonderful mobile mechanic who works in Tampa and will come to you if you have car trouble and no way of getting to the garage, we have his name.