Today I had to ride my bike to work in the rain because our car is not working again.  Michael is recuperating in the VA Hospital.  It is a little bit of a tough time for us.  I sure hope it gets better.  I feel like this blog is my confessional.  I don’t think a lot of people read it.  They tend to read facebook more.  Everyone loved my husband’s post about a customer’s review of “Creepy.” People like drama.  The facebook button is like the panic button.  I was telling my husband ” Half of the time, they are thinking oooh, thank God, that is not me…and the other half loves the drama.

It is just like my husband and I have a joke.  More women will post wonderful reviews when my husband is in the store.  Now, even though we both bake, decorate, wash dishes, etc.  he will get more compliments from the ladies.  One day, in the beginning I was complaining about this to a man who used to be a barber at Sam’s down the way.  He had a wonderful sense of humor and he would peer down his glasses at me and state, :  “But Miss Eve, who does he go home with? He goes home with you.” And then we would all laugh.  I remember when Al Jazeera came in to film the owners of a small business in our rough economy…he kept them laughing…the camera men.  I hope he is still in business cutting hair somewhere.

That is just the way of the world.  My husband is very good with customer service.  Although he has a MBA, he has worked with many face to face and on the phone at financial services and educational companies.  He has won awards for his customer service out of many people on the floor.  So, I know he is not flirting with the women although we did have one customer state that “good customer service is like flirting.” But no, he goes home with me! And truth be told, only very secure women will compliment other women.  It took me awhile to discover this.  I grew up in a very male dominated household and my mother and I were best buddies and strong supporters of one another.  For me, in the work world, I have no trouble complimenting another female but some are not made of the same fiber.

So, I will ride home in the rain later on and think of all the pounds I will be losing.  And all the nonsense I just told you will be forgotten.  The important part is Michael coming home safely.  I can take a little thunder.  I can take a little rain.  I know how to manage a business but I will miss the man who goes home with me.