From our shop window, I can see the newest ride at Busch Garden which drops you fast like a speeding bullet.  I wonder about the people who need this kind of exhilaration.  It seems life is enough dropping you into the unknown daily and your breath catches and just as you settle, the feeling of uneasiness or excitement begins again.  Some people are addicted to rides like this.  I am addicted to life like this.  Catching up, riding on the seat of your pants, anticipating the next move like a pawn to the chess game, it seems this is not new for many of us.

Sometimes life gives you no chances but to attack the unknown, hold your breath, and figure out when to breathe again.  I am not sure why they need a ride that reminds us of this.  I think that is why the very young and the very old should ride this one…the very young because they have yet to experience life and the very old because they have experienced life.