We had a review the other day on Yelp which stated that we were a throwback to the 80s with all our VHS tapes, creepy customer service, and we served frozen cupcakes.  Well, we have a tiny freezer which doesn’t hold our cupcakes…we don’t freeze our cupcakes. We work in a tiny kitchen space each morning baking and decorating our cupcakes.   The VHS tapes are our own business and kind of petty…and if it is creepy….that we are kind of old fashioned well, get out of town.

Seriously, I worried about the creepy part.  I mentioned to my husband with worry in my tone, “Do you think when I come running out from the back to greet the customers that I scare them?” Michael, not being as sensitive as me, laughed.  Creepy is very subjective.  While I was working overseas, I sometimes felt it was creepy how people watched me so closely.  Creepy is very subjective…sometimes cars park in front of our store and just peer in.  Now, that is creepy.  But Michael’s feelings are not so easily hurt.

What outraged him the most was the part about “frozen cupcakes.”  Seriously, we are a small mom and pop, which we explain as you enter.  We are not fancy.  We keep our costs low….no high tech for our store and you might see us hanging out with a good book, an action movie, or maybe I am watching a rerun of “Dr. Zhivago” and if if you think that is creepy, pick up a good book or better yet, try the local newspaper for all the noise going on around the world today.  I am not sure which topic I find the creepiest:  customers waiting in line to take out all their money from the banks in Greece, a python loose in someone’s house, or the latest interest of the Kardeshian’s, etc.  You name it…it is going on….but frozen cupcakes…no.  And if someone thinks we are a throwback to the 80s that is ok with me.  But then again, one of my favorite artists was Amy Winehouse, so I tend not to follow the crowd and as for Michael, he makes the crowd.