If chocolate were a recent means of transaction, as I read about recently, I would like to introduce you to gourmet cupcakes-62 varieties at Cupcake Cache where you can capture your flavor.  Whether it is red velvet with tiramisu in the middle and mascarpone frosting (dirty vanilla) or one as simple as the mudslinger (vanilla cream whipped together with chocolate malt balls dropped inside) the cupcake like a molten earthquake ready to explode with flavor or something simple to remind you of a trip to Diary Queen.  If you can imagine a cupcake we don’t have and visualize it so well that we can see it, we will make it for you. We need the blueprint.  Credits will be guaranteed.  And if the cupcake is one from the back burner like the “lunch box derby” which was spice cupcake with grape jelly filling and on top chocolate dipped pretzels and banana chips.  The takers were a wonderful couple from Temple Terrace…the couple who went to Ireland and he always came in wearing his wonderful little hat.  He was a retired banker from New York.  He and his wife are regulars.  Well, it didn’t fly well….but peanut butter and jelly is a great combination and my favorite standby. Maybe it deserves another chance.

So, if you have it in you to design for our cache:  cupcake #63, we dare you.  Come to the plate. Customers must come in to Cupcake Cache setting to discuss.