Michael recently shared an article with me about a well known cupcake franchise.  The fees to own and maintain were high and before altering anything, the owners had to get permission.  Wow.  Sounds exhausting.  It is exhausting we all know to chase or have to leave a paper trail by email especially to get permission to do something.  After awhile, you feel defeated although your intention was good.

This is our ace in the hole with wedding couples, parties, etc.  Couples, customers come to us and we are able to indivualize their order on the spot.  That is why they like us…we do not have to get permission to have banana split made with chocolate cupcakes instead of red velvet or a little extra frosting of cream cheese on the side, extra cups….etc.  we can approve on the spot and we do.  We have no middle man.  Our customer is the king and this makes it easier for them to have a memorable wedding, birthday, bachelor party, etc.

Today, I was reviewing our menu from our site which Michael designed and noticed all the choices…63 of them….that we have including Wonka’s rapture in a German chocolate cake, or Grilled Apricot which could also be delicious in an orange cupcake.  Sometimes the most important decisions are the ones that you don’t have to make…by taking extra time to have someone ok a form.  It is better to have a yes in person.