“Whoosh.” These 6 words are what I will remember about the Tampa Bay Lightning for 2015.  I may not remember or choose to remember that they lost the Stanley Cup to the Black Hawks.  But I will remember Michael telling me about the response of the New York Ranger Coach when asked to describe the Tampa Bay Lightning in one word:  whoosh.

It says everything about speed, rebound and how much we have to look forward to hearing more from them.  I am not a big sports watcher but can appreciate the beauty of hockey ….the speed….fast skates….reminding me of my time growing up in the Catskills.  Each sport has a gracefulness or some of the ones I like to watch: love to watch basketball…..all those which remind me of growing up in the Catskills with a hoop set up in our barn…yes, I can appreciate this.

To me, it was a win, win.  The Bolts….lightning will strike again.