The other day I was in my other favorite place…the Temple Terrace Library.  I mentioned to the Reference Librarian that I was tired and then laughed giddily as she mentioned she was tired also.  It was the last day of the week and we were both ready to go home and crash.  The difference is that managing a library is not dealing with date sensitive products.  You know there could be a funny comedic routine about that.  In libraries, one catalogues the books, keeps the patrons in check, keeps track of the computers and staff, budget, etc.

In a cupcakerie, you sell out if you are very busy and that is a good thing but then you can’t simply order more of your product like ordering the latest Lisa Unger.  You have to go out to a total of 5 or more stores and buy your products.  They aren’t delivered to you because you aren’t as big as a Mel’s Hot Dogs and all the creativity of buying (budget) has to come from both of you.  Guaranteed, if there are only 2 of you, then you don’t have to take a majority vote as to what to buy which is a relief.  There is nothing worse than not wanting to raise your hand in a meeting because you really feel your opinion might not matter, and the popular crew already has their vote in and everything lined up.  Their friend will be the vendor, the instructor, or the developer of the marketing.

Books don’t get old and if they do get old, sometimes they become more popular.  Well, that is not true with cupcakes.  If the frosting gets old, it gets rubbery and thrown away.  People are as choosy about books (real book-a-philes) are…they look at the cover, the author, browsing….cupcake fanatics may take up to 5 minutes to order in front of the window.  Some don’t even want you to tell them what is in the cupcake.  Instead they prefer to read the menu.  Once, I overheard a customer tell his friend, “I bet she doesn’t even make them.” Ah, hello…it is just me and my husband and yes, we do everything here.  I think I was too tired to tell him directly…maybe they are accustomed to going to cupcakeries where the bakery doesn’t do the baking there and they have so much money for all these different jobs like greeter, cupcake baker, decorater, owner, media mongul…hmm.  And last but not least, with cupcakes people take pictures and post them on social media unlike books.  I mean, when I go to the library…I can’t wait to find this old battered book (treasure) selling in the book nook for like 5o cents.  And then when I finish, I can just pass it on.  Hardly anyone is going to pass that cupcake along, especially if it is a good one.  You can bet your last dollar…it won’t last long!