Moms aren’t supposed to pass away on mother’s day but mine did.  She was my best friend.  I tried for a long time to find another best friend like her, but it didn’t quite work like that.  A mom can be your best ally, your best friend, your favorite alter ego against and for you in so many ways.

I was not a daddy’s girl.  Neither were my brothers.  They are fiercely independent and strong.  My father didn’t buy any of us a car when we reached adulthood or take us on trips to visit colleges.  He was a tough man and he expected us to make our own way in the world.  Along the way, I met some daddy’s girl and I never quite enjoyed their company.  It may have had something to do with the fact that I was my mom’s best ally and support against my father’s sternness.  Although I realized now he adored my mother, I never noticed that part of their relationship.  I only saw my mom crying when they argued and me running after her in total darkness up Youngsville Road Hill trailing her just in case something happened and hiding by the side of the road in the cover of darkness when a car drove by.  Not many drove by that time of night and in our part of the woods but I was so terrified she would leave us.  I would be left alone with my father and my brothers.  That really must have scared me.

As I grew older and married, I realized my parents understood each other.  They were married over 50 years, high school sweethearts.  They were a team.  Now, I understand my mother’s theatrics and as I get older, I am not as jealous of daddy’s girls.  They also have their burdens to bear.  I still remember my father stating matter of factly after my mom’s last breath,
“Well, that is that.” It wasn’t over for him.  He lived happily near us in Tampa until he passed away.  I never did find a friend like my mom, but I keep trying.  We buried both of my parent’s ashes in the Gulf as they wished.  They floated by and I like to think, they met up with one another, only to be seeing in the end, which one floated the farthest.  Both were held dear to my heart.  If your mom is still alive, treat her kindly.  Time does not stand still.