Eve taking a day off..this is Michael writing today.

I have observed that many (if not the majority) of our customers, be it one time or regular, seem to come from areas a little distant from our store front, and not so much from the immediate area (say, the same zip code). Understand our shop is one block from the entrance to Busch Gardens on one of the more travelled roads in Tampa, so we are not “off the beaten path”.  I think this is a result of travel indifference. If you have travelled a certain road many times, maybe for years on your way to/from work, you do not really “look around” to see what is there. You have seen it for years so it adds no mystery. When you travel to new destinations, you are constantly looking at signs and storefronts to see if there is anything that intrigues you. Maybe worth stopping in to check out. Well, that is us. So many people that are new coming to this side for Busch Gardens, or Mel’s Hot Dogs, or business, that they observe the new surrounding and stop in to see what we are all about.

We have been in this location over three years, and still get customers that live 3 blocks away finding us for the first time. I find that amazing, especially when you consider we have been featured in the local paper 3 times and been on TV. I guess the world is more macro than micro, and small businesses need to adjust to a market audience that could live 20 miles away rather than 2 streets away.