Wednesday is my favorite section of the NYT which I pick up courtesy of Saint Leo University.  On Wednesday, there is a cooking section which lists recipes, restaurants, chefs, etc.  I love to mosey through it.  Today, out of boredom, I turned to the sports section.  I concluded that sometimes sports writers have it going on when they can conceptualize and capitalize on so many variations of emotions in one headline.

Lets see:  “Parched in the Postseason”, “Raising the Pregame Bar”, “Yanks’Bullpen More Like a Turnstile”, “To Raise Cup, the Rangers Must Rise to the Occasion.” Hmm.  I can read and infer so many life thoughts into these headlines.  I am thinking it no wonder that some people choose only to read the sports page.

Even an English major can appreciate the beauty and the true simplicity of life lessons with these headlines.