Well, the days are muggy and move slowly at times like a lazy river trying to move upstream.  Some days, like this morning, we had someone stop in for 20 cupcakes baker’s choice for a training class….first customer in the door this morning, so then I turned around and began baking again.  Wharton’s PTA will come for their delivery tomorrow morning when Mike is here.

We have a new neighbor in the plaza:  Gothic Modifications Tattoo Piercing.  They assured us that their customers will be eating lots of cupcakes…something to do with need for sugar.  He ordered the Firecracker with red hots and a habanero pepper on top….it looks beautiful but man, it is hot.  So times pick up, things change, the river bends and curves to propel itself faster and something we rush to keep up or we “hustle” move quickly and then again, we wait.

A new cupcake we are introducing will have a cotton candy flavour.  This morning, I overhead that Karl Lagerfield has a cat worth a couple of million:  it seems the cat models.  The cat is described in magazines as being “coy, elegant with a bit of an attitude.” Hmm…now, it seems everything I feed my beautiful calico cat, Sheba, tuna…I will be thinking of how much money she might make as a model.  And so the river continues and maybe it will gather into the ocean and be swallowed by something bigger.  Carry on!