So true.

The Existential Baker and His Wife


The past lies in a tricky place
Let it die without a trace
Mistaken ghosts will give a chase
Its only life you need embrace
Living life is no disgrace
The past lies in a tricky place

Traveling the past can be a slippery ride
Full of shadows and forgotten ghosts
Auctions and bargains from souls unseen
Shrill screaming orators of ill-riposte

Treacherous are its forbidden pathways
Paved by misbegotten and sullen mistakes
Don’t hunt for answers hidden in days gone by
Allow them to remain secret for all of our sakes

History’s a steep slope of events best forgotten
Where we camouflage our innermost dreams
The ghosts of our judgments can haunt us relentless
Your scene of remembrance is not what it seems

Some covert discretions are best left under cover
Buried deep in the recesses of a selective recalling
Because once unshrouded and out in plain sight

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