Our business hums along because we are the yin and yang to one another.  Michael has the military mindset and discipline to forsee longterm while I am the detail person.  Often when it seemed we were about to fail with something, the organization of our store won out.  It is a nice little set up which would not have been accomplished without both of us.  I remember names, details, dates but the shelving and the layout of our store is really good, thanks to my husband, Michael.

If we ever leave or sell, the person to inherit the store or buy the store will walk into a ready made business without the guessing.  We can’t guarantee customers on a daily walk in basis but we do have a steady following created by our product and our persistent branding of our logo.

There is still much which could be developed within our business because we have a great location, and if someone were to take over with more capital, I predict that within 5 years, we would be bustin’the seams with growth, but that is just me speaking.  My observations of all the mom and pop businesses we have visited:  we have our act down to a science.  I don’t believe we are ready to leave yet, but if a good offer came along, we would consider it.