Sometimes our facebook entries are a hit or miss: we just had a big hit with a customer’s remark about butter cream being less fattening than whipped top frosting.  We engaged like 200 people and had about 20 likes or so.  It was fascinating to us because we post some funny quips, quotes, asides, etc. but this produced the most interest that we have had in awhile.  The remark came from a student studying microbiology at USF.  He ordered a dozen pick up for his family in Springhill.

Mike and I were discussing it and my husband spoke aloud a thought which I was wondering also.  Why we are so obsessed with calories and were more people thinking these thoughts than reading the latest news headlines.  Guaranteed, the headlines are intimidating to the soul but they do need to be read and some events need certainly to be watched carefully with both eyes open.

We are grateful for those who follow us on facebook but even if they like the remark and it engages them, we are not naïve to believe that they will visit us anytime soon.  But just to let you know, I engage in our business also by sampling at least one if not more cupcakes every week with buttercream and I am losing weight.  I have already lost a dress size.  My pants are big but my soul is intact.  The buttercream is delicious and I still read the news….it is important to know what is happening but will I give up my vanity, no!

My first job in New York City was working in the very weight conscious fashion district.  My mom was a leg model and stylist.  Before I left for school, it was not unusual for her to try to stylize me.  It seemed as if her life at times was consumed with worry about weight, getting older, and styles.  Will cupcakes ever go out of style? Probably not….will I forget to look in the mirror and try to pull myself together before leaving for work in the morning? Probably not.  Am I surprised so many people engaged in this post? A little but not really.  We can always use some sharp good advice from microbiologists when it comes to weight.  I have heard that the more caffeine you consume, the more your system will burn the calories.  Anyone have the time to prove or disprove this? Hmm.