The other night we were watching “Modern Family.” It was funny because I really related to the situation that the character Sofia Vergas portrays…her husband and son accuse her of being a bully in the household and she erupts “I watch out for you, I try to protect you…how dare you….” It is so funny because you know that her husband can take care of himself but I understand.  I come from a family where my mom was that way with my brothers, my father, and me.  I am the same way.  I don’t have children but I have adult step children who are doing very well.  One is in charge of a BMW division and the other is finishing a masters.  I didn’t have much input about their upbringing as I didn’t see them often. I am not as protective of them because my knowledge of them is limited but I am proud of their accomplishments. I am protective with my husband, my brothers, my nephew, my neices, and my friends.

Anyway, the other day, Michael was “taken” by a customer who passed a counterfeit $100 bill.  The bill looked and felt genuine and it passed all the points.  My husband was very upset as soon as he realized what it was. He realized after the customer left when the bill changed colors again.  He went down to a nearby storefront and spoke with one of the owner of a nearby stand alone business.  She informed him that the same man had come in but she had said “No, we don’t have change.” I asked my husband more questions about why such as “Did her instincts tell her no?” “What went on in her mind?” At that point, Michael was annoyed with the situation and with me asking those questions.  The point for me is I trust my instincts.  If I have a funny feeling about someone or a situation, I trust what my gut is telling me to do.  Often the person’s character is revealed by small things.  When I lived in New York City, I learned to trust my instincts.  When I first began teaching with just a Bachelor’s in English, I leaned on my instincts about the students and went with them.  It kept me safe and minimized the damages or so it seemed. I would not have made change for the customer for the small order.  Once a customer was annoyed with me because I wouldn’t take a $100 bill and I found that very strange.

So, I was thinking into each business comes some dirt which has now been reported to the authorities and we continue.  Any loss affects a small business greatly.  I understand that my husband leaned heavily on doing the right thing….checking out this counterfeit bill which was very well done…also, the customer, pretended to know the Barber next door and assumed familiarity with him as both were in our store at the same time.  So we were taken yesterday.  Along the way, I was thinking about trusting instincts, intuition, and the episode last night of Modern Family.  Then, I realized, tongue in cheek…my husband is a combat veteran….he knows how to trust his instincts and intuition, probably much better at times than me.  From now on, we won’t give change for a $50 or a $100 . There may be certain exceptions but we are a small mom and pop.  A loss impacts us greatly.