So, the other day or so, the Fung Brother’s Production Crew visited Cupcake Cache to photograph and videotape our store. The star of the show was the ‘seedless watermelon.’ We were excited and nervous. The day of their coming to our store was changed at the last minute, so Michael and I had just finished a very busy morning. We made Aztec Warrior (with cayenne and chocolate), fire crackers (red hots), and about 15 varieties of gourmet cupcakes. While Mike was on an errand to pick up some fresh dried apricot for one of the cupcakes, I was finishing washing and drying some items. And they called “Would it be alright if we moved up the time and if they could arrive in the next 30 minutes?” Wow. Before opening.
I flew into motion getting the cupcakes displayed in our case and calling Michael to let him know. They spent the next couple of hours or so with us filming the cupcake, the exterior, interior of the store, decorating the cupcake, our logo, etc. This ‘seedless watermelon’ cupcake had “more attention than a bride on her wedding day.”
The segment will air sometime soon. Stayed tuned and we will let you know more as the information becomes available. It was a milestone day for us. We are not sure how they found us but thank you!